The Biggest Benefits of Working with a Travel Advisor

Sep 1, 2023 | Travel Tips

A Moment of Peace and Tranquility with a Stunning City View in a Luxury Apartment with a Rooftop Pool

For the uninitiated, the term “travel advisor” often brings up images of either a travel agency from days gone by, complete with a wall of brochures and a sea of headsets, or expensive luxury travel pros who only plan outlandish vacations for the uber-rich and famous. In reality, travel advisors are knowledgeable, well-connected professionals who can help you get more for your money, even if you don’t have a budget like Bezos. And if you’re thinking that you can easily book your own travel online, you’re exactly right—but you’ll be missing out on big-time benefits. In fact, globe-trotting journalist Larry Olmstead (who often writes travel tips) uses advisors, and tells his friends to do the same.

Still not convinced? Take a look at these travel advisor benefits, and you just might change your mind.

Travel Advisor Benefit 1: Peace of Mind

Private Transportation At The Ready for Both Medical, Urgent & Leisure Reasons. Aircrafts Include Private Airplanes, Private Jets and Helicopters

It’s nice to think that nothing can go wrong when you’re on vacation, but it’s much nicer to know that if something bad happens, you’ll be taken care of—especially if you’re traveling to a place where you don’t speak the language. Travel advisors can help you with everything from navigating complicated cancellation policies to getting assistance in the event of a medical emergency or global crisis. With their knowledge and access to companies like Medjet, advisors provide an enhanced sense of security. They’re your advocate in everything from getting the best rooms, to getting to safety if things go sideways.

Travel Advisor Benefit 2: Wow Moments & Wild Requests

Helicopter Landing on a Tropical Caribbean Beach in the Dominican Republic for a Private and Exclusive Excursion

Your advisor can make almost any whim a reality, whether you’re an eccentric pianist who can’t possibly spend Christmas in Denmark without flying your baby grand over, or you’re looking to plan the perfect proposal abroad. Advisors are logistics pros—they spend their entire days making magic happen in locations all over the world, and live for the littlest details. Plus, they can get you access to levels of luxury that you probably thought were beyond your reach.

Travel Advisor Benefit 3: Little Things that Make a Huge Difference

Imagine you’re booking a stay at a beautiful, beachy resort. You’ve spent hours researching the area, looked at a zillion reviews, poured over the photos online, and even gotten a few tips from your coworker who visited that same property last spring. You arrive, full of excitement—and then spend every morning with a pillow over your head, trying to drown out the noise from the busy elevator next to your room.

Travel advisors make sure you have the best of the best at every turn, they know what to look out for, and they get updates from their partners constantly—so they’ll know if amenities are closed, a convention is being held nearby, or the property next door is under construction. They also have inside intel of the fun variety, and can add to your experience with insights like “the pastry chef at your Paris hotel stars in a hit Netflix series,” or “that tiny restaurant down the road has the best poke on the Big Island.

Travel Advisor Benefit 4: Convenience & VIP Vibes

Couple Enjoying the Morning Sunrise in Their Private Oceanfront Luxury Bungalow in Bali, Indonesia

You could arrive at the destination for your next family vacation with your bags already in your room, your pack n play set up, and a bottle of your favorite wine waiting on the terrace. Or, you could wait at baggage claim, call a car, try to find an ATM so you can tip the bellhop, and spend the first moments of your trip getting set up while jet-lagged.

Advisors have relationships with companies who can deliver luxury amenities at every point in your trip, whether that involves a private driver, personal chef, or getting the leather goods you bought in Florence shipped back home so you don’t have to haul them to Lake Como. Plus, they can get you access to properties you won’t find online, restaurants that appear to be booked solid, and discreet luxury transportation. They also have deep local knowledge and connections—not only will you know what the hottest club is on a Sunday in St. Barths, you’ll skip the line when you arrive.

Travel Advisor Benefit 5: Savings & Perks

Hotel Room & Suite Upgrades with Surprise Amenities for Special Occasions

Booking with points may seem like the best way to save some bucks, but even the best third-party systems can’t offer you the trip enhancements (and surprises!) that advisors can. You’re best off using those credit card points for your airfare if you want to use them, and then booking your stay through an advisor who’s part of a top network, like Virtuoso. These advisors have access to the best rooms in every category, and if upgrades are available, they tend to go to guests who booked with a partner advisor first.

Perks like automatic late checkout and spa credits are practically business as usual for guests who book with Virtuoso certified travel advisors, and don’t be surprised if the resort staff is already aware of your food allergies or preferences when you arrive. These kinds of things add an incredible amount of value, and in addition to getting the most for your money, you’ll also save in terms of time and stress by working with a pro.

Travel Advisor Benefit 6: Avoiding Mishaps

Even checklist-loving travelers mess up on occasion. Luxury travel advisors know all the common mistakes, and how to fix them, fast. When you book with an advisor, you’ll know that you’re set as far as visas and passport requirements, up-to-date on COVID-related precautions, have the right passes for the right trains and ferries, know what to expect at customs, etc. You’ll also never worry that the hotel you booked says “no children under the age of two” in the fine print, or be surprised by exorbitant luggage fees at the airport.

Travel Advisor Benefit 7: Complex Trips Made Easy

If you’ve ever planned a week-long adventure abroad for a dozen people, you don’t need us to tell you why using a travel advisor makes sense. Don’t let the potential headache of coordinating itineraries and airport pickups get in the way of your destination wedding or family reunion—enlist the help of a professional whose days are dedicated to travel planning, then relax and enjoy unforgettable experiences with the people you care about most.

If the complexity of your trip involves multiple stops instead of multiple people (or both), advisors can help with that too. Hopping between the Greek Isles is much simpler when all the ferry arrangements are taken care of, and road trips in a premium RV are more relaxing with a preset itinerary. They can even look at your current plans and suggest ways to take your trip from average to exceptional, with visits to locations off the beaten path. You may never think of spending a few days on the beaches in Forte dei Marmi after departing from Tuscany, but your advisor will.

Travel Advisor Benefit 8: Real Insider Knowledge

Honeymooners Enjoying the Tropical Caribbean Waters While Sipping on Champagne

No matter how much you research, the internet won’t tell you everything. Advisors’ entire careers are based in travel, and most are frequent travelers themselves. If they haven’t been to the place you’re visiting, they have the time, skills, and resources to really dig in—plus, they have connections all over the world.

Your advisor is an endless source of information. They’ll know which hotels have swimmable beaches in Marbella, pick the airport nearest your rental home, and have an in-depth understanding of the luxury amenities at your destination (like available nanny rooms, helipads, or private entrances). And thanks to their network, they’re always getting updates, like learning about resort openings before they’re publicly announced.

These benefits are only the beginning. To fully understand what it’s like to work with a luxury travel agency and how advisors can help you get more out of your next vacation, talk with one. We’re all ears if you want to give us a call, and all eyes if you prefer email. We look forward to meeting you!