Storybook backdrops, world-famous beer halls, and fun-to-pronounce foods are just part of what makes Germany a must-visit destination for luxury travelers. This European country delights art-and-architecture enthusiasts with bustling cities like Berlin, where museums and cultural experiences like the East Side Gallery—a series of murals painted directly on a remnant of the Berlin Wall—are intermixed with hip nightlife scenes and stunning structures. Music lovers will especially enjoy Munich, home to venues like the National Theater, where the Bavarian State Opera performs, as well as edgier establishments and all kinds of music festivals. To soak up some seasonal delights, Oktoberfest (also held in Munich) is a must-attend. And, of course, there’s nothing quite like the Christmas markets held along the Danube.

Germany is also home to small alpine villages and towns that are the very definition of charming, with castles and palaces perched on rugged hills and surrounded by lush green landscapes. The 19th-century Revival palace, Neuschwanstein Castle, features rooms inspired by Wagner’s operas and is said to have inspired another infamous structure—Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

In Cologne, the UNESCO-listed Cologne Cathedral and cobblestone alleys combine with newer structures, built after the city was partially destroyed in the second World War. And—like many places in Germany—this visually arresting city offers plenty of beer halls, restaurants serving iconic foods like currywurst and schnitzel, and places to relax with a glass of wine produced along the Rhine River. If you’re ready for a luxury vacation that perfectly blends old-world charm with modern amenities, contact a Partenza Travel expert. We’ll put our in-depth knowledge of Germany’s top destinations to work and design a premium vacation tailored to you.


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