The cradle of western civilization is also the cradle of luxury, with incredible scenery, cuisine, and music at every turn. A mountainous mainland and hundreds of islands offer a variety of ways to experience this incredible country. If you’re visiting May-October, island hopping in the Aegean is a great way to get a taste of Greece—and make sure to spend some extra time in Santorini (a.k.a. Thira), where iconic white buildings with blue rooftops provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying raki and melon. Board a ferry and in just about three hours you’ll discover Mykonos, the perfect place to soak up rays and tunes while sipping rose seaside. For an old-meets-modern experience, head to Athens, where you’ll find BC structures like the Acropolis and Parthenon juxtaposed with a cosmopolitan metropolis.

Each city and island group has its own, distinct feel, making Greece ideal for repeat visits and itineraries with multiple stops. And no matter which locations you visit, you’ll get a taste of the nation’s vibrant culture. Kick back and enjoy the traditional dancing, famous frappes, freshly caught octopus, friendly people, and spirited games of backgammon that make Greece a place unlike any other—and let us handle the details, from arranging inter-island ferries and planes to making your reservations at premier hotels and properties. Our planning will make your trip to Greece a truly luxurious travel experience.


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