Situated between Italy and the African coast, Malta offers visitors a rare opportunity to experience the intersection of many different cultures. This archipelago nation tells the tale of its many rulers through its rich historical and architectural sites, including baroque churches, the prehistoric Megalithic Temples, and a still-active order of knights that dates back to Medieval times.

Luxury travelers seeking tranquil retreats, enchanting history, and water activities like snorkeling and diving will fall in love with islands like Gozo. The Silent City of Mdina is a pristine and stunning stop, with restrictions on cars and noise that allow you to envision it as it was 4,000 years ago. In the capital city, Valletta, you’ll find winding streets and a seemingly endless array of things to see, do, and taste—including Maltese delicacies like aljotta (a stew made with freshly caught fish) or gbejniet cheese. For a day of yachting and history, head to the Three Cities of Cottonera—Vittoriosa, Senglea. Whether and Cospicua—where inlets that are said to have been used since Phoenician times now house an array of extravagant watercraft. Whether you’re seeking seclusion or a premium city escape, we’ll make sure that your custom Malta experience is nothing but the very best—contact us to get started with planning your luxury travel to Malta.


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