Why should I book with you, instead of making my own reservations online?

Booking with a luxury travel advisor saves you time, reduces stress, and helps you get more for your money. We work with top properties and vendors on a regular basis, and those relationships give us the ability to offer you reduced rates, VIP perks, and upgrades that add value to your experience (without adding to your bill). When you book with us, you gain access to our global network of premium travel partners, extensive knowledge of world-class destinations, and uncanny ability to think through every last detail. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there’s always someone on call for you, who’s already familiar with your itinerary and preferences.

I see that you’re affiliated with Virtuoso. What does that mean?

In a nutshell, Virtuoso is the most exclusive club around for luxury travel advisors. Our affiliation with Virtuoso means that we are held to the highest standards of excellence when it comes to our training and operations. It also means that we have special relationships with premium hotel and travel brands, which allow us to offer you all kinds of upgrades, rate discounts, and perks that give your vacation that extra VIP feel. To learn more about the benefits of working with a Virtuoso travel advisor, check out this article.

How much do your services cost?

Initial conversations are always free—give us a call, or get started with our new client form and we’ll contact you. From there, we’ll create a custom quote for your custom vacation. Please note that the cost of our services is dependent on the type of trip and level of involvement you’re looking for. To learn more about what we offer, see the package descriptions on the Personal Travel Planner page and service descriptions on the Travel Concierge page.

What’s your specialty?
While we can book any type of travel, one-of-a-kind luxury trips are our specialty. We have exclusive connections that allow us to deliver next-level experiences, from facilitating private jets to coordinating destination weddings in unique locations all over the world.
Do you plan and book group trips? How about destination weddings?
Yes! We love to offer our services for any type of group travel. Whether it’s a destination wedding, family reunion, bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate outing, or random getaway with good friends, we have extensive experience (and expertise) in creating stress-free, memory-filled trips for groups of all sizes.
Do you provide any sort of extra pre-arrival information?
Yes! Prior to departure, you will receive a full scope trip package from Partenza. This package outlines all details of your tip, and provides information on things like weather, the current state of affairs in your destination, and our top tips. We also like to throw in a few surprises, which will make your trip even more enjoyable.
What information should I have ready before I contact you?
To get started, we just need to know:

  • How many people you’ll be traveling with
  • What type of trip you’d like to take (romantic getaway, family vacation, etc.)
  • Which location(s) you’re thinking about (this can be as broad as “the Mediterranean” or super specific)
  • How long you want to be away
  • Your budget

From there, we’ll get to know a little about you and your preferences, then present you with a few different options for your dream vacation.

Do you plan for families with children?
Absolutely! We love helping our clients create memories with their little ones. Not only do we help you pick out the best, family-friendly accommodations, but we also offer customized experiences catered to children. Examples include: pizza, pasta and gelato making classes; painting, pottery, and drawing excursions; scavenger and treasure hunts; and much more. We know what it’s like to travel as a family—and how to make vacations fun for everyone.
Can I use my points when I book with you?
We realize that many travelers use loyalty and credit card reward points to book their flights, hotels, etc. Partenza Travel offers a variety of services, including planning and point booking. However, we cannot offer Virtuoso-specific upgrades and amenities for bookings made with points.
Do I need to buy travel insurance?
Your dream vacation is an investment, just like any other large purchase. That’s why we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance. Doing so will give you peace of mind and protect your investment if unforeseen issues (like medical emergencies or inclement weather) cause your trip to be cancelled, or occur while you’re traveling. There are a number of different kinds of travel insurance out there, and we’re happy to help you learn more about them. Just ask us!
How far in advance should I book my vacation?
Luxury accommodations can fill up quickly, especially during peak times like the summer. We recommend that you book—or at least start to think about your vacation—six months in advance.
What languages do you speak?

While English is our primary language, our team is also fluent in Italian, Arabic, and Hebrew. As part of our Concierge Services, we offer onsite translators in a wide variety of languages.

I already booked my trip but I need help!

While we can deliver the most value when we handle trip planning from the very beginning, we can certainly help build on what you’ve already booked. Contact us to get started!

I’m envisioning a pretty complex trip. Can you help me?

We’re experts at booking complex trips that span multiple countries and involve all forms of transportation, from flights to ferries to yachts. With our global connections and love for fussing over details, we can plan the most multifaceted luxury vacations for any amount of people, anywhere in the world. In fact, our founder planned her own destination wedding and group honeymoon throughout Israel!

How do I pay for my reservations?
Every trip we plan is different, and that means the payment structure is different, too. While some reservations require a deposit up front, others do not. We’ll work with you to ensure that we’re delivering the most value for your budget, and that you’re never surprised—you’ll always know exactly what to pay, when.