Just Pack Your bags

The anxiety of planning a trip can feel like a second job. Though the world is opening back up, managing safety rules can feel like juggling cats – and that’s on top of the reservations, flight plans, and tourist outings. Treat yourself to a real vacation with Partenza Travel’s Just Pack Your Bags full-service travel planning. We’ll handle the logistics so you can have a relaxing getaway.


Your First Stress-Free Vacation Awaits


You can finally close the 27 browser tabs you opened while you were planning your vacation. We get it – when it comes to booking and scheduling everything you need for your trip, a massive amount of research, coordinating, and price-checking was required. But our Just Pack Your Bags full-service travel planning is here to save the day (and your sanity). 

Partenza Travel’s expert travel planning handles all the drama of planning your vacation. We can coordinate down to the last detail, including your lodging, flights, local transportation, reservations, tourist outings, childcare and petcare. No need to worry about layovers that are too long or too short for you to make your connection; no more threats of checking into your hotel only to find the pool is closed for construction; forget about having your big tourist day ruined because you were unaware of COVID restrictions. We are experts in crafting finely-tuned itineraries that flow on your time whether it be exploring or leisurely relaxing. If you prefer hand holding 24/7, no problem! If you want to take a more simple DIY approach, we can work with that too.

Full-Service Travel Planning

In addition to our expert planning and coordination, we provide exclusive information on local restaurants and recreation. Our close relationship with hotels, tourism companies, restaurants, and other travel services will make your experience unforgettable. Our first-hand experience with the best-of-the-best activities and amenities across the world will have you spending less time stressing and more time decompressing.

Partenza Travel will plan any kind of vacation and occasion with a unique experience tailored exclusively to you. From booking each stop on your anniversary trip to coordinating unforgettable outings for you and your closest friends, we’ll do it all—and connect you with an onsite expert when you arrive at your destination. We plan, but are not limited to, the following:




Family Vacations


Spa & Wellness Getaways


Ski Trips


Friends Vacations


Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties






Weekend Getaway


Golf Trips


Solo Vacations




Pricing starts at $250 per traveler. This fee guarantees you:

Proposal with 2-3 lodging options, hotel bookings, activities, destinations recreations, and all transportation (transfer flights, rental cars, and guides) packaged into a detailed daily itinerary.

Additional Options:

1. Airfare: $50 per person fee to issue tickets.

2. Complimentary hotel bookings.

At Partenza Travel we know the ins and outs of planning a dream vacation. Whether you’re swimming with your family in the crystal waters surrounding Mykonos, partying with your best mates on an epic bachelorette party in Ibiza, or flying solo on a trip of self-discovery across Eastern Europe, our full service travel planning will have you covered every step of the way. Stop worrying about the little – and big – details and start planning your luxury vacation with us.

*Custom quote to be provided after discovery call. Planning fee will be charged at time of booking.*

*For any trips over 10 days, you will be subject to an additional fee.*

*For last-minute trips, there will be a rush charge added (custom to the trip).*



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  • Managing safety rules, reservations, flight plans, and tourist outings can feel like juggling cats. Treat yourself to a real vacation with our Just Pack Your Bags full-service travel planning. We’ll handle the logistics so you can enjoy a truly relaxing getaway.
    Just Pack Your Bags